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I was reminded today about the importance of bedtime routine…by my littlest love gal who is soon to be 11.  She told me she was SAD because I did not sing to her at night any more.  When she cries, … Continue reading

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Attracted to Glory

 I am attracted to glory.  Who doesn’t want to stand next to the popular person to be identified with them and get some of the attention? Or is it glory we seek? I cheer and tear up when reading … Continue reading

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Smoking Oven

The smoke billowed out and rose to the ceiling.  We coughed and sputtered and laughed as the foolishness of the turkey juice burning down to a black gooey mess.  The turkey was too juicy and the pan too shallow. Open … Continue reading

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Cross Shaped Life

Her eyes looked away, distant and sad. Slowly she looked at me again. “They were my friends; I taught their children. The family only did good. They were my friends.” She knew one of the men killed in Afghanistan on … Continue reading

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Not Slow

The past 2 weeks have been interesting.  We were traveling to meet with old friends, family and to speak in home places.  In the mist of this my husband committed to go to Osh, not Osh Kosh be gosh but … Continue reading

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